Arlo is the most advanced home automation security camera manufacturing company that enables your home security digitally. The most profound features of Arlo are you do not need wire to set it up as it totally works on WiFi. it has effective night vision sensitivity to assure your place security even in the dark.

No Doubt Arlo is one of the most advance and secured camera for your home. But no matter how good Arlo camera is or how much simple it’s setup is some people might find it difficult to set it up. If you are thinking about setup Arlo in your place, you might also have some questions to trust Arlo. Don’t worry, We have gathered the most asked and important queries for you and answer them to as much accuracy as possible to clear your doubts. So just go through them and get your arlo setup.

Frequently Asked Questions About Arlo

  • What are the Minimum Requirements to setup Arlo in my home with my existing computer? 

Arlo can be set-up easily with your Windows PC, Mac OSX and your smartphones, all the devices should have a working internet connection. Arlo supports IE 10 or higher version, MS Edge, Latest version of Firefox on Mac OS X and Windows, Latest Safari on Mac OS X and the latest version of Chrome. When it comes to mobile devices, Arlo can be installed on the iPhone 5s or higher and for Android smartphones,Android version 5.0 or higher is required.

  • Where should I mount my Arlo cameras in my house?
You can easily set-up Arlo with the simplest mounting of your cameras that covers your whole home location to keep your home secured. The Top 5 locations where you should mount your cameras for maximum coverage are Front Door, Near your Garage, Backyard, Covering your outdoor,  focusing in the front/side of the house.
  •  Can I leave my Arlo cameras switched on forever?
As per the requirement, you can certainly keep your Arlo cameras switched on for as long as you wish, just ensure your cameras have enough battery to keep on working, you can charge it as per the usages. However, you can set your cameras to run periodically, which will work automatically keeping your settings on preferences.
  •  Why does the Arlo camera require Base Station?
As per the advanced technology, Arlo cameras work on WiFi signals; to get high-quality video surveillance it must have a stable WiFi connection in all the cameras, that stable WiFi connection is provided by Base Station which is connected with your house internet connection.
  •  Do my Arlo cameras have motion sensing?
 As it’s all about your home security, Arlo decided to design cameras totally advanced and it does have the motion sensing. Yes, you can easily enable all the mounted cameras for motion sensing by turning on Hue lighting features from your My Arlo Camera.
  • What is the battery life of Arlo cameras?

You will be able to use the Arlo Pro batteries for four to six months if you a normal usage if you have a time duration of five minutes a day. And if you are using Arlo Go than it will last you around two to three months for about five minutes of recording a day.

  • How to recharge Arlo cameras?

Now you have to make sure that your power adapter is completely inserted into the AC Adapter and your camera too. Also, you have to use the charger that came along with your Arlo camera no matter which product you’re using. It is recommended for you to use the same charger to make the charging procedure easy and fast.


Arlo Support

Our Arlo Customer service has got you covered day in and day out and takes full charge of helping you with any kind of trouble with the Arlo.